At this point you're probably wondering what the hell this web site is about, me to! Well I kinda know I just don't know what to put on it just yet! So you see that button in the upper right of your monitor that says Message Board! You can give me/us some ideas for the site, or just drop a few lines and say whats up! Now if you don't know who we are you are probably wondering! We are a group of friends from Western New York, Buffalo area that take partying to the limits! - that sounded so cheezy - Lets just say we like to get crazy!!! Well I don't know what else to write just yet so be sure to sign our Guestbook and to check back with updates... Peace Out Cracker!

Have some funny drunken photo's of you or your friends and would like everyone to see them. Email them to:

P.S....If you happen to see yourself in one of the photos and you would like it to be taken off you can send an email to: and you can expect it to be taken care of right away...Brent

All the ladies on the official BOAT

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